Mapping Corporate Sector Resources
for Disaster Relief In India
About Us
The CII Foundation engages Indian industry for supporting humanitarian response following natural disasters across the country. The interventions are carried out in partnership with all stakeholders and include immediate relief as well as long term rehabilitation measures for the affected communities .

CII Foundation has created this online platform to enable preparedness and bring about convergence of efforts of various stakeholders, in particular donor companies providing aid and support to relief operations, and suppliers of goods & services needed on the ground. The website facilitates inventory mapping by donors, and manages relief supplies & supplier database. The website will also showcase relief requirements of goods, equipment and services in case of a particular disaster, for quick and efficient response.

CII Foundation (CIIF) was set up by CII in 2011 to undertake a wide range of developmental and charitable activities pan India by enabling industry for infusing inclusive development. CIIF works towards inclusive development by providing a meaningful bridge between marginalized communities and donors, especially corporates by providing strategic guidance on CSR and developing and managing high impact programmes. The thematic areas of CIIF include: Early Childhood Education, Women Empowerment; Climate Change Resilience; Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation. In this effort, the Foundation works together with corporates, governments, communities and civil society institutions to channelize their collective resources towards social and community development.
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